Current state-of-the-art hydrodynamic analysis consists of the use of simulation tools which give information as to the behaviour of a device in the presence of waves, but provide little or no information on how to improve or optimise the device. The aim of the WEC.0 project is to provide tools that address these shortcomings.

The hydrodynamic performance related goals are to:

  1. develop methods that provide insight into the fundamental physics and processes of wave energy absorption,
  2. assist in the design of the prime mover,
  3. build upon existing tools rather than compete with them.


The approach to hydrodynamic problem is to map the flow of power, or energy flux, through the hull surface of a WEC, which will reveal the portions of the hull which absorb power and to what degree. This will also identify portions of the hull that experience force but do not absorb power. Additionally, the hydrodynamic method will effectively consist of post-processing approaches, which use and build upon, rather than replace, existing tools.