Rockall Research Ltd provides a wide range of research and technical services to the marine renewables industry. We assist device developers in the assessment, optimisation and design of their wave energy converter concepts. We have particular experience in the area of experimental and numerical modelling, data analysis and engineering design.

Wave Venture is a specialist offshore energy consultancy and software provider. Over the past 20 years Wave Venture staff members have developed unique capabilities and understanding in offshore energy technology research and development. We are focused on merging engineering and economic analysis methods and on applying these to deliver renewable energy technology related services with a commercial focus.

Wave Venture can offer insights into technology and project requirements and also bespoke marine operations analysis that allows us to compare alternative operations approaches and to quantify and demonstrate the benefits of innovative new technology and systems in quick connection systems for marine renewable energy technologies.

Mocean Energy is a globally-focused, Edinburgh-based company leading the drive to harness energy from ocean waves. Their combined skill set encompasses experimental physics, naval architecture and ocean engineering, industrial design and manufacturing, computational modelling and testing, not to mention a love of sailing! 

Mocean Energy’s wave energy converter (Mocean WEC) is a high performance, offshore renewable energy system. Cost effective and adaptable, Mocean WEC absorbs three times more power than traditional hinged craft. Combined with solar panels and battery storage, it is a total-system approach to providing energy at sea. Mocean WEC technology suits both small scale, powering offshore sensors and robots, and utility scale, powering your home, car and workplace.

CorPower Ocean AB is a Swedish wave energy converter developer. The CorPower Wave Energy Converter (WEC) addresses the key challenges of efficient wave energy harvesting in a unique way. The CPO WEC is of point absorber type, with a heaving buoy on the surface absorbing energy from ocean waves and which is connected to the seabed using a tensioned mooring line. Novel phase control technology makes the compact devices oscillate in resonance with the incoming waves, strongly amplifying the motion and power capture. This offers five times more energy per ton of device compared to previously known technologies. The high structural efficiency allows for a large amount of energy to be harvested using a relatively small and low-cost device, providing competitive cost-of-energy. The system has improved survivability in storms, thanks to its inherent transparency to incoming wave energy, when detuned.

Ecole Centrale Nantes is a technical university in France. Within the Hydrodynamics and Marine Engineering group there is a wealth of experience in numerical and physical modelling of Wave Energy Converters. Both the SEAREV device and the open source boundary element code Nemoh originated at ECN.

The bodies funding the WEC.0 project are:

Scottish Enterprise
Swedish Energy Agency